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Lagurus Ovatus dried colored fuchsia

  • Lagurus Ovatus dried colored fuchsia
  • Lagurus Ovatus dried colored fuchsia

Lagurus Ovatus dried colored fuchsia
length of the bunch 70 cm, bunch of 100 grams


Called gros-minet or hare-tail, the Lagurus Ovatus (oval lagoon) is a dried flower much appreciated by the followers of a country and contemporary decoration. The sweetness of her kittens makes this dried flower an atypical flower reminiscent of miniature pampas. Its natural color is a considerable asset but also painted, Lagurus retains its softness; it will join brilliantly with all the other dried flowers of your choice. The Lagurus will give relief and lightness to your floral creation.

Diversity is probably the best characteristic of fresh or dried flowers. Each of the varieties has its singularities. We are great explorers when it comes to finding the most beautiful flowers that nature offers. We wanted to make you discover the lagoon and its ears that will sparkle the most accomplished decorations.

'Description of the tall dried Lagurus Ovatus:
- Type: dried flower
- Color: colored fuchsia
- Packaging: bunch approximately 100gr
- Length: 70 cm

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