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5 Gypsophile white

  • 5 Gypsophile white
  • 5 Gypsophile white

5 Gypsophile white
with a length of 70 cm

Gypsophile white you can order per number of stems.

The indicated price is valid for a
bunch of 5 stems Gypsophile,

If you want to recieve a bunch
with more than 5 stems, you
can select the number of stems
below. The additional costs are
indicated between the parentheses.



Team outing with Gypsophila
Gypsophila is the team player among flowers. Of course it looks great on its own, but it can also raise a mixed bouquet to a new level.


For years the Gypsophila stood in the top 10 of the most popular cut flowers. The twigs were mainly used to dress up a bouquet or used as a dried flower. Gypsophila has pink or white flowers which are a modest 3.5 – 6mm in size.

The name Gypsophila comes from the Greek word ‘gypsos’ = gypsum (calcium sulphate) and ‘philos’ = friend. This lovely name indicates the preference the flower has for calcium rich soil. Did you know that Gypsophila is distant family of the carnation?

Remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems.
Place Gypsophila in water straight away after purchase, in a clean vase.
Add a bit of cut flower food.
Don’t place the flowers in a draught, in full sun, or near the fruit bowl.

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